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For Sale: One (1) Anbernic RG35XX handheld device (translucent purple color - see photos) including my loaded 256 GB micro SD card and 32 GB card.  


Shipping is included to within USA only (no outside USA orders on this listing please).  Ships FAST from Raleigh, NC USA - ready to go out the door via USPS Priority mail, about 3 days to deliver anywhere in the USA! 


 I took the awesome Garlic OS 1.4.7 firmware for the system, added my optimized game libraries with full menu art for all games, added cheats, custom skins, custom system icons, beautiful menu art, etc. The system displays roms from both cards at the same time, so I set up a PlayStation roms folder on the TF1 slot (32 GB card) loaded with 44 PS1 RPGs to take advantage of the extra space. So you get an extra 28 GB+ worth of games besides the larger card!


I turned it in to the very best card set for the RG35XX of its size. Includes Sony Playstation, Arcade (MAME-2003plus & FBNeo), Sega CD, TurboGrafx16-CD, SNES, Genesis, among many others as listed in detail.


NOTE: The games partition (on cards) are accessible directly in Windows on a PC for super easy game file  transfers/mods / copying/pasting.

46 awesome skins/themes pre-installed.  25 of these are custom skins I created for the device.  I wasn't happy with the default vague looking system icons (and many were missing), so I setup 7 different sets of custom system icons that can be easily swapped out in the various skins if a particular skin icon set is not what is wanted.  All skins were fixed to display custom icons for all systems.


Games have high quality V2-mixart typical for ALL games (displays in menu for each game - see pics).  I installed Cheats for most systems and they are available through the retroarch menu.  I added Hacks to the end of many systems by using the prefix "zz_" for Hack games which keeps them organized and seperate from the main games.  I utilized the .chd format for Playstation Games typical, except for the multi-disk PS games I used .PBP format to have a clean PS roms folder with one entry for each game.


Below is a detailed listing of what is included with this purchase:   

Anbernic RG35XX device (translucent purple color) including 256 GB Sandisk (class 10) micro SD card loaded and ready to game (for TF2 slot) and ALSO a 32 GB micro SD card for the TF1 slot. (Note:  Samsung (EVO Select)) card(s) may be provided instead of the Sandisk brand depending on my stock). 


Games allow saving game play at ANY spot within the game typical through RetroArch save-states. Games can be identified as "Favorites" simply by pressing Y on a game (or removed the same way)... I setup quite a few favorites to get you started, but these can easily be removed/modified. 


I left about 1 GB free space on the larger sd card available for smooth operation, and 1.5 GB free on the 32 GB card. 

This micro SD card has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below:


System - approx. # Games Installed:

ALL - ~17,500 games


Amiga - 281

*Amiga-CD - 93

Amstrad CPC - 350+

Arcade (Mame2003+) - 2,279

Arcade (FBneo) - 1831

CPS1 - 30

CPS2 - 38

CPS3 - 5

NeoGeo - 140

Atari 2600 - 615

Atari 5200 - 59

Atari 7800 - 96

Atari ST - 305

Atari800 - 350

ChannelF (Fairchild) - 30

Colecovision - 141

Commodore 64 (C64) - 714

DOS (MSDOS) - 88

NES - 834  +  (60 NES Hacks at end of section)

Famicom Disk System (FDS) & Famicom - 511

Game Boy - 834

Game Boy Color - 551  +  (39 Pokemon Hacks at end)

Game Boy Advance - 1,028  +  (56 GBA Hacks at end)

Game Gear (Sega) - 259  +  (4 GG Hacks at end)

Game & Watch - 52

Intellivision - 136

Lynx (Atari) - 83

Mega Duck - 25

Genesis (Sega MegaDrive) - 1,001  + (198 Hacks at end)

Master System (Sega) - 277

MSX - 642

NeoGeo Pocket & NGP Color - 49

Odyssey2 - 85

PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 - 344

*PC Engine-CD / TG16-CD - 169 !!!

Pico-8 - 42

Pokemon Mini - 22

*PlayStation (Sony PS1) - 387 + 44 = 431 !!!

Satellaview - 39

ScummVM - 31

*Sega CD - 137 !!!

Sega 32X - 34

Sega SG-1000 - 68

SuperGrafx - 5

Super Nintendo (SNES/SFC) - 994  +  (117 Hacks)

Super Game Boy - 25

Sufami Turbo - 15

Supervision - 44

Tic-80 - 473

Virtual Boy - 25

Vectrex - 25

VMU (Dreamcast VMU) - 49

WonderSwan / WS Color - 217

X68000 (Sharp) - 100

X1 (Sharp) - 49

ZX Spektrum - 382


Total:  ~17,500 Games!


BONUS Content:

     On the 32 GB TF1 slot card, I added an "Extras" folder where I included the following systems including their menu art (NOT playable yet on the device but may be in the future with future OS update.... and these games are small in size so they don't take up much space so I included a copy):  UzeBox - 61.

     ALSO, I added a section titled Roms - Adult (Not playable unless you move them into the Roms folder on the card from a PC.)  These include:  AmigaCD - 1 ea,  MAME2003+ - 16 ea,  Atari2600 - 13 ea,  NES - 4 ea,  FDS - 29 ea, & Genesis/MegaDrive - 2 ea.  The Imgs folders are included so all these have their menu art all setup if you copy/paste them to their respective roms/system folders.  It's clean of this stuff otherwise  ;) 






The software and game roms/iso’s are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you.  Software is open-source.  You are paying for the device and parts & time to assemble and program/code the software.  All cards/systems are thoroughly tested before shipping.  Enjoy!

RG35XX including 256+32 GB GarlicOS micro SD Card set - PURPLE

$175.00 Regular Price
$159.00Sale Price
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