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For Sale:  The awesome "Sega Genesis mini" console as pictured including all stock items: two stock controllers, power wire/plug, & HDMI cable. Also included in this bundle:  

*  Plug & Play, loaded (128 GB) USB FLASH DRIVE with OTG cable as pictured.

  • One awesome 8bitdo M30 2.4 GHz wireless controller (model made for the Genesis mini). 



All games have their beautiful box art in the menu system and most have information about game displaying during game selection process.  The games run off the flash drive.  Best current Hakchi used!  When you boot up it has original genesis mini games in main menu with a Retroarch folder at the bottom.  Selecting it opens the stock menu system with all of the other game systems listed.  Very organized - see pics.  I left about 1 GB  free space on the flash drive so there is plenty of room for game saves and smooth operation.  


System is setup to use the following controls for added games (can be changed in Retroarch menu):  

  • Press Start twice in a row to exit game.
  • Press & hold Start for 2 sec. to open Retroarch menu in-game.
  • Press Select on wireless M30 controller for coin (for Arcade games)


Approximate Game Counts per System:

(Basically complete USA libraries for most systems listed below - all the best for others)


Arcade/MAME - 192 games - all the best classics 

Atari 2600 - 634 games

Atari 7800 - 59 games

Game and Watch - 59 games

Intellivision - 147 games

PC Engine - 289

NEC PC Engine CD, TurboGrafx-16 CD - 57 games

TurboGrafx-16 - 94 games

NeoGeo - 139 games

Game Boy - 648 games

Game Boy Advance - 1039 games

Game Boy Color - 587 games

Nintendo (NES) - 766 games

NES Hacks - 62 games

Famicom - 386 games

Famicom Disk System - 128 games

Super Famicom - 481 games

Super Nintendo (SNES) - 750 games

SNES Hacks - 50 games

Nintendo Virtual Boy - 24 games

Sega 32X - 32 games

Sega Dreamcast - 14 games

Sega Game Gear - 72 games

Sega Genesis - 730 games

Sega Master System - 326 games

Sega Megadrive-Japan - 187 games

Sega CD - 100 games

Sony Playstation - 141 games

Vectrex - 22 games



TOTAL ~ 8,220+ games!



Disclaimer:  With this purchase, you are paying for the usb flash drive, OTG adapter and genesis mini console system and my time to set it up only.  Enjoy!

Genesis Mini w/ 128 GB OTG drive & 8bitdo M30 controller - 8,220+ games!

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