NOTE - see my new listing for the "Adam" custom firmware version which I consider superior to this listing but I am keeping this one active for those who may still want this older version.


For Sale:  256 GB micro SD Card (and 32 GB card for internal slot) for YOUR "RG-350" or RG-350M handheld retro gaming system!  Just specify which version (350 or 350M) you have as they are not swappable.  Now supports HDMI output so you can connect to your TV with your own mini HDMI to HDMI adapter.  ( Note - I do not offer for RG-350P).



This listing is for both the plug n play (loaded) micro SD cards only.... the "RG-350, also known as Retro Game 350" handheld console is NOT included.


NEW UPDATE: I added Emulation Station (ES) which is the front end as seen on many of the first photos in this listing, and I made 7+ custom themes as seen. ES is stable to up to only about 500 games so complete collections are on main system, and the ES section is sort of a bonus where I used some of the unused memory on the 32 gb card to store the rom sets for ES and so I duplicated popular systems with a "best-of" type custom collection for each. It's fabulous! All the games in ES are also on main system too so no need to even use ES if you don't want to open it..


I built this to be the best 256&32 GB sd card setup out there for the RG-350 (RetroGame 350) handheld console using the Custom Firmware v1.6 as the base image on the 32 GB card which goes in the inside slot and the ROMS, games/ports and many apps and useful tools are on the 256 GB card for the external slot. These two cards work together as a complete system. I spent many days setting this up... see my reviews and you'll see you are in good hands. Games are organized in subfolders... very nicely. Total of over 18,100 games. I added many missing files to get things working such as bios files for Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD, and many files for various port games such as Out Run, Hexen2, REminiscence, Openbor games, ScummVM...and many others. NOTE There are 111 .opks in the apps folders so these are easily upgradeable. This is a great setup as is, but also setup smartly for ease in future updates.

For RG-350 / RG-350M Handheld: 256 gb micro sd (loaded) & 32 gb cards