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Note 12/24/23 - ArkOS now updated to the latest 12-22-23 version!


For Sale: One (1) loaded 512 GB micro SD card for your Anbernic RG353V, RG353VS, RG353M or RG353P handheld retro game system & ALSO includes a 32 GB card for the TF1 slot. Plug the cards in and start gaming. These are plug n play. I took custom firmware (cfw) for this device and made the TF2 slot (larger) card work with both. The cfw is Arkos (for RG353V, VS or M only), and if you specify that you are buying this set for the RG353P then you will receive a different TF1 slot card that works for the RG353P. Note: ArkOS is not supported by the RG353P models, so it is for the V, VS or M version of RG353 only.  It's important you choose the correct option of the three options in checkout process as the TF1 slot 32 gb cards are different for either: 1) RG353V or RG353VS (ArkOS for V/VS)     2) RG353M (ArkOS for M)    or 3) RG353P (other cfw OS).


I added my new and improved superior game libraries with full menu art, added custom bezels for over 200 of the best VERTICAL Arcade games, added awesome ports with PortMaster, added/fixed tons of themes, tons of custom collections, added missing bios files, background music (can be turned off or switched out easily), I optimized certain systems , I added overlays for Vectrex… I turned it in to the very best card set for the RG353V/VS/M/P/PS of its size. Includes Sega Saturn, Sega Naomi, Sammy Atomiswave, Playstation, PSP, Arcade (FBNeo/MAME-2003plus), Dreamcast, Sega CD, SNES-MSU1 i.e. SNES-CD, 3DO, among many others as listed in detail below.


NOTE: The games partition (on larger card) is accessible directly in Windows on a PC for super easy game file transfers/mods/copying/pasting.

38 awesome themes pre-installed. Also I fixed many features of the themes to have proper artwork, etc.

All themes were fixed to properly display all systems. Some of the themes I added include: Epic Szalik, Epic-Cody, Epic Noir, Farfenkugell-Crystal, SagaBox, Nes-Box, Cody-FunkyPlastics, Cody-Destroy, CRTCabBlast-Rogue, CRTCabBlast-Tifa, Carbon, Cody-DarkTeck, Cody-Flux, Crazyboy, Farfenkugell_Lazy, Floyd, Freeplay, GBZ35_Mod, Sonic-Spin, Metroid-Spin, SagaArtBook, SagaParagon, SagaSLice, SagaWorld, Switch, Woody-Cody, Minimal-fixed (with lots of custom added selectable backgrounds), zSR-Cyber-City, zSR-Mario, zSR-Metroid, zSR-PiranaPlant, zSR-Ryu, zSR-Sonic, zSR-Tifa & zSR-Tifa2.


Approximately 38,000+ quality games including their game artwork and gamelists in the roms directory are installed. Games have video snap previews, and boxart/mixart typical. Cheats are pre-installed available through the retroarch menu for many popular systems.


Below is a detailed listing of what is included with this purchase:

512 GB Sandisk (class 10) micro SD card loaded and ready to game (for TF2 slot) and ALSO one (1) ea. 32 GB micro SD cards for the TF1 slot - for your Anbernic RG353V/VS/P/M handheld (Note: Samsung (EVO Select)) card(s) may be provided instead of the Sandisk brand depending on my stock). No hardware is included, just the loaded (plug-n-play) sd cards.


Games have video previews that play too as you scroll down through the game list on each system. Awesome menu background themes loaded which can be easily switched up. Most games allow saving game play at ANY spot within the game typical. Games can be identified as "Favorites" simply. Awesome "Custom Collections" are already setup and can be modified. The Arcade Favorites collections have hundreds of the best arcade games (from the thousand+ on system). Vectrex has awesome transparent overlays that I added which are missing on most systems.


I left about 1.5 GB free space on the larger sd card available for smooth operation.

This micro SD card has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below:

System - approx. # Games Installed:


**********For the RG353V/VS/M (ArkOS):**********

ALL - ~38,000+ games


Arcade (FBneo) - 1831

Atomiswave – 17

Daphne - 14

MAME (Arcade) – 323

Naomi - 112

Amiga - 1,956

Amstrad CPC - 2,975

Atari ST - 2,546

Atari800 - 3,243

Commodore 64 - 5,879

MS-DOS - 84

MSX - 635

MSX2 - 100

NEC PC-98 - 36

TI-99 - 90

Sharp X1 - 49

Sharp X68000 – 117

ZX Spectrum Sinclair - 4,524

3DO - 35

Amiga-CD32 - 93

Atari 2600 - 617

Atari 5200 - 96

Atari 7800 - 58

Atari Jaguar - 56 (hard to emulate, but small files so incl.)

Astrocade - 43

Channel F (Fairchild) - 30

Colecovision - 141

Dreamcast (Sega) - 175

Dreamcast VMU - 50

Famicom - 386

Famicom Disk System (FDS) - 128

Sega Genesis - 1,040 (784 + 137 + 34 + 44 + 41)

In submenu: Genesis - Sonic Hacks - 137

In submenu: Genesis Streets of Rage Hacks - 34

In submenu: Genesis - Misc. Hacks - 44

In submenu: English Megadrive Translations - 41

Sega MSU-MD - 4

Intellivision - 136

Sega Master System - 277

Sega MegaDrive (Japan) - 191

Nintendo 64 (N64) - 302

    N64 Hacks in subfolder - 20

Neo Geo - 140

Neo Geo CD - 22

Nintendo (NES) – 1,481 (784 + 697)

In submenu: NES Hacks - 697

Odyssey2 - 85

PC Engine - 290

PC Engine-CD - 46

PC-FX - 2 (Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar & Farland Story)

Philips CDi - 19

Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX) - 506

Sega Saturn - 66

Sega Genesis 32x - 34

Sega CD - 108

Super Famicom - 509

Sega SG-1000 - 68

Super Nintendo (SNES) – 1043 (795 + 64 + 145 + 39)

In submenu: SNES Hacks - 64

In submenu: SFC English Translations - 145

In submenu: Satellaview - 39

SNES-CD (MSU1) - 21

Sufami Turbo - 15

SuperGrafx - 5

TurboGrafx16 - 94

TurboGrafx16-CD - 42

Vectrex – 24

Virtual Boy - 25

Doom style Ports - 8 (Including Brutal Doom, Doom Ultimate, Doom II, The Plutonium Experiment, TNT Evilution, Heretic, Hexen, & Strife)

EasyRPG - 10

LowRes NX - 102

OpenBOR - 127

Pico-8 - 42

ScummVM - 18

Solarus - 8

Tic-80 - 1,031

Uzebox - 61

Wolfenstein - 1

Arduboy - 233

Atari Lynx - 83

Game & Watch - 52

Sega Game Gear - 259

Gameboy - 834

Gameboy Advance – 1084

Includes GBA Hacks in submenu

Includes 25 SGB (Super Game Boy) games in submenu

Gameboy Color – 572

Includes GBC Hacks in submenu

Megaduck - 25

Nintendo DS (NDS) - 100

NeoGeo Pocket - 9

NeoGeo Pocket Color – 40

PokemonMini - 22

Sony PSP - 103

Sony PSP Minis - 296

Tiger LCD - 27

Watari Supervision - 44

Wonderswan - 110

Wonderswan Color - 89


Other Ports - 123 games (incl. some gems).


********For the RG353P (other OS): ********

Same as above except the following are NOT available to play on device (i.e. hidden or not displaying):

Arduboy, Astrocade, GX4000, LowResNX, Pico-8, Solarus, Doom, ti99, Tiger-LCD, Wolfenstein, & VMU.

512 GB "RG353V/VS/M" or "RG353P” SD Card + 32 GB TF1 card

$160.00 Regular Price
$129.00Sale Price
  • ~90 Custom Collections (described below):

          NES Classic Edition - 30 Games

          SNES Classic Edition - 21 Games

          Sega Genesis Mini - 42  Games

          Sega Genesis Mini - (Japan/Asia Exclusives)

          TurboGrafx-16 Mini

          Commodore 64 (C64) mini - 64 games

          Neo Geo Mini - 64

          Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro - 20

          Capcom Home Arcade Console - 16

          NES Picks

          SNES Picks

          Sega Genesis Picks

          PlayStation Top Hits

          Arcade1Up Games

          Dual-Stick Games

          Arcade Hacks 

          Arcade - Vertical Games

          Arcade (classic) Favorites

    Other ARCADE Collections include:  Atari Classics;  Banpresto;  Capcom Play System I, II & III;  Capcom;  Cave;  Data East;  Konami;  Midway;  Namco;  Nintendo;  PGM;  Psikyo;  Sega;  ShMUps;  SNK;  Taito;  Toaplan;  Visco;  Williams.

    Other Collections include:  Action, Adventure, Fighting, Kids, Platformers, Puzzle, Racing, RPGs, Bat Man;  BeatUmUps;  Castlevania;  Donkey Kong;  Double Dragon;  Dragon Ball;  Fatal Fury;  Ghouls n Ghosts;  Mario;  Marvel;  MegaMan;  Metal Slug;  Metroid;  Mortal Kombat;  Old School;  OutRun;  Pac-Man;  Racing;  Robocop;  ShMUps;  Sonic;  Sports;  Star Wars;  Street Fighter;  Streets of Rage;  Terminator;  TMNT;  Zelda.



    The software and game roms/iso’s are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you.  Software is open-source.  You are paying for the parts & time to assemble and program/code the software.  All cards/systems are thoroughly tested before shipping.  The actual handheld gaming device is not included.  Note:  Atari Jaguar system games are included as they are small file size, but emulation of this system needs improvement.  Finally, there are a few ArkOS-only systems or systems that only run on ArkOS (relatively small file size) so they do not display on the RG353P as that device does not use the 32 GB ArkOS TF-1 slot card... these systems are: Arduboy, Astrocade, Doom, GX4000, Lowres NX, Pico-8, Solarus, ti99, Tiger-LCD, Wolfenstein, & VMU.

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