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UPDATE 1/26/24:  SNES MSU1 games removed (since snes9x-current core not working) and a lot more PSP added in their place.  Game counts updated below.  Also, an alternate "retroarch" file is included in the minigui folder that can be swapped out easily depending which hardware version of M17 you received (to fix controls in retroarch games).  This card makes your M17 great!


For Sale:  One (1) loaded 256 GB micro SD card for your "M17" handheld retro game system.  This is plug n play.  I took the stock EmuElec based software and gave it a good overhaul to unlock the RetroArch menus so that Cheats can be used, easier saves, easier overlay adjustments, etc... still device is very simple to use as not all Retroarch features are available with this modified EmuElec software. Note:  The device this is for is commonly called the "M17" but also goes by the name "BOYHOM M17", or "Data Frog M17",


I added my superior game libraries with mixart (boxart), added 14 awesome themes, added cheats, set ll systems to display in proper aspect ratio, added/enabled overlay (bezel art), added missing bios files,  fixed subfolders to display, ...I turned it in to the very best card set for the "M17" because I enjoy making the best!  None of the crappy stock roms/menu-art was used.  NOTE:  The games partition is accessible directly in Windows on a PC for super easy game file transfers/mods/copying/pasting.


14 custom/fixed themes pre-installed.  I send out with what I feel the best theme as default (my Epic Max Szalik - see photos where there are 8 photos in one (carbon/photo backgrounds with red text for System).  To switch themes unfortunately with this OS requires you to insert the card into a PC and swap the M17 folder to switch themes (following simple instructions).

The custom preloaded themes include:  Epic-Max-Szalik (Default), Alekfull NX, Art Book Next, ComicBook, Cyber-City, Epic Cody, Farfenkugell Crystal, Floyd, Minimal (pink sunglasses), NES Box, SagaBox, SagaArtBook, SegaWorls & SuperSweet.


Approximately 12,000+ games including their game artwork and gamelists in the roms directory are installed. All games have mixart typical. Cheats have been pre-installed available through the retroarch menu for many popular systems.


Below is a detailed listing of what is included with this purchase:   

256 GB Samsung EVO Select micro SD card loaded and ready to game for your "M17" handheld.  No hardware is included, just the loaded micro sd card and a tip sheet.


Most games allow saving game play at ANY spot within the game typical. Games can be identified as "Favorites" simply.   I setup game-specific bezel (sideart) to be displayed for all Arcade games (looks much better for games like Donkey Kong - see photo).  I setup system-specific bezel art for most all other systems except PSP which uses the full 16:9 screen. To exit games, simply press Start & Select to pull up RetroArch menu and then choose Quit Game.


I removed "ADULT only" roms typical from default setup, but I included them with their artwork in the main roms folder (not visible on device).  So by inserting the card into a PC, a simple copy-paste on a pc will put them all in their proper place in the rom system folders to enable/display after reboot.  Example of these type of games would be mame roms:, galpanic, bigtwin, plgirls, etc..


I left about 1.5 GB free space on the micro sd card available for smooth operation.

This micro SD card has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below:

System - approx. # Games Installed:


ALL - ~12,000+ games


MAME (Arcade:  "Mame2003+") – 2,334 !!!!  (2,301 + 13 + 4 + 16)

    In submenu: Dual Stick Arcade Collection - 13

    In submenu:  Mortal Kombat Collection - 4

    In submenu:  Street Fighter Collection - 16

FBNeo/FinalBurnAlpha (Arcade:  "FBAlpha-2012") - 319  (246 + 58 + 15)

    In submenu: NeoGeo mini Collection - 58

    In submenu:  Street Fighter Collection - 15

NeoGeo - 140 (included as part of above FBNeo set)

CPS-1 - 33

CPS-2 - 35

CPS-3 - 5

Atari 2600 - 617

Atari 5200 - 96

Atari 7800 - 58

Atari Lynx - 83

TurboGrafx-16 - 135  (94 + 41)

    In submenu:  TurbGrafx-16 mini collection - 41

PC Engine - 290

TG16CD - 42

PC Engine-CD - 40

Nintendo (NES) – 814  (782 + 32)

    In submenu:  NES Classic mini+ - 32

Nintendo (NES) Hacks - 697 (61 + 636)

    In submenu:  More NES Hacks - 636

Famicom - 385

Famicom Disk System (FDS) - 128

Gameboy - 834

Gameboy Color – 574 (535 + 39)

    In submenu:  39 Pokemon Hacks

Gameboy Advance – 1,106 (1,028 + 553 + 25)

    In submenu: GBA Hacks - 53

    In submenu: Super Game Boy (SGB) - 25

Super Nintendo (SNES) – 945 (779 + 21 + 145)

    In submenu: SNES Classic mini - 21

    In submenu: SFC English Translations - 145

SNES Hacks - 64

Super Famicom (SFC) - 509

NeoGeo Pocket - 9

NeoGeo Pocket Color – 40

Sega GameGear - 267

Sega Genesis - 924  (823 + 60 + 41)

    In submenu:  Genesis mini+:   60 

    In submenu: English Megadrive Translations - 41

Sega Genesis Hacks - 215  (137 + 34 + 44)

    In submenu: Genesis - Sonic Hacks - 137

    In submenu: Genesis Streets of Rage Hacks - 34

    In submenu: Genesis - Misc. Hacks - 44

Sega CD - 98

Sega Megadrive-Japan - 191

Sony PSP - 348  (52 + 296)

    In Submenu - PSP Minis - 296 !!!

    *Note - PSP is sort of a bonus on this device as games may struggle, so select games were included.  The PSP minis run well typically).

N64 - 0    Note: N64 was NOT included as they do not run well on this device.

Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX) - 496 !!!! (all the best/popular, including many multiple disk games utilizing superior .m3u/.chd formats).

256 GB "M17" micro SD Card - for your "M17" handheld - EmuElec

$70.00 Regular Price
$59.00Sale Price

    If you can get the "M17" (Also know as BOYHOM M17) for a cheap price on sale (less than $50), then I'd say its a pretty cool "retro" system for PS1 and older systems as it uses a PSP screen and has a unique slider on/off switch (no software shutdown needed).  I recently got one on Ali for less than $35 with sale-coupons.  Do not get this for N64 or PSP as device is not powerful enough for those.  

    The stock software/games suck with everything stretched out, no cheats, no options at all really - that is where my plug n play card comes in and fixes many of those shortcomings of the device!  Note:  sometimes the "favorites" system is not accessible on device.  It was fun making this micro sd card and I spent way too much time on it and I hope others can enjoy it too... :)

    The software and game roms/iso’s are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you.  You are paying for the parts & time to assemble and program/code the software.  All cards/systems are thoroughly tested before shipping.  Enjoy!

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