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Newly Updated!  Now has Atari 5200, 7800 i800 and Lynx added.  Also, subfolders now works so some systems are more organized now (game counts updated below showing subfolders on some for NES, SNES & Genesis Hacks as example.  

Updated Anbernic OS:  20240118 for RG-35XX-Plus & 20240130 for the RG35XX-H.


For Sale: One (1) loaded 256 GB and 64 GB micro SD card set for your Anbernic RG35XX PLUS OR also for the new "RG35XX H" handheld retro game system (emphasis on "PLUS or H").  Just tell me which device during check out with selection as the TF1 cards are different since the H has analogue sticks.  Plug both cards in to your RG35XX PLUS or H and start gaming!  I took the Anbernic OS update firmware (best firmware for the system), added my optimized game libraries with full menu art (mixart) for all games. The system displays roms from both cards when switching between cards in menu.  So I setup the extra space on the 64 GB TF1 slot card to show "best of" typical for most systems and also maximized the overall memory space by including the following exclusively on the internal (TF1 slot) card:  

1) PSP minis (296 games)

2)  TurboGrafx-CD/PC Engine-CD (81 games).

The"best of" collections are great because it makes navigating menus much easier for the popular games (less of them) but you can always switch to external (TF2 slot) card on device to access them plus much more (so "best of" is duplicated on smaller card, so no worries finding them on the larger card too).


I turned it in to the very best card set for the RG35XX PLUS or H of its size. Includes Sony Playstation, Arcade (MAME-2003plus & FBNeo), Sega CD, TurboGrafx16-CD, SNES, Genesis, among many others as listed in detail. The OS update has a neat bezel on/off function in menu which turns on bezels (side art) for most of the vertical arcade games as well as other systems (see pics).  This can be easily turned off/on in the APPS menu.

I included the unlock-save that makes all characters display in Naomi - Marvel vs. Capcom 2!  

For the RG35XX-PLUS, I configured the dual stick games in mame/fbneo to use the right buttons as the right stick, so games like robotron, smashtv, total carnage, and karate champ are playable right away.  Also fixed a few other arcade game controls like toobin, pole position 1 & 2, etc..  For the RG35XX-H the analogue sticks are setup for Dual Stick games.


NOTE: The games partition (on cards) are accessible directly in Windows on a PC for super easy game file  transfers/mods / copying/pasting.


Games have high quality mixart typical for ALL games (displays in menu for each game - see pics).  Cheats are installed for most systems and they are available through the retroarch menu.  Many systems have Hack subfolders which are some great games.  I utilized the .chd format for Playstation Games typical.


Below is a detailed listing of what is included with this purchase:   

256 GB Sandisk (class 10) micro SD card loaded and ready to game (for TF2 slot) and ALSO a 64 GB micro SD card for the TF1 slot - for your Anbernic RG35XX PLUS or H handheld (Note:  Samsung (EVO Select)) card(s) may be provided instead of the Sandisk brand depending on my stock).  No hardware is included, just the loaded sd cards and a tip sheet.  Also note, this does not work with the older RG 35XX devices, just the newer "PLUS" model or "H".  The non-plus cards also do not work with this new RG 35XX PLUS/H version.  They are different.


Games allow saving game play at ANY spot within the game typical through RetroArch save-states. Games can be identified as "Favorites" simply by pressing START on a game (or removed the same way)... I setup quite a few favorites to get you started, but these can easily be removed/modified. 


I left about 1 GB free space on the larger sd card available for smooth operation, and 2.5 GB free on the 64 GB card.

This micro SD card has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below:


System - approx. # Games Installed:

ALL - ~13,700+ games

NOTE - Games on 64 GB "Internal" card in brackets *[XX]


PSP (Sony) - 77  [0] 

PSP minis - [296]

OpenBOR - 131  [10]

Dreamcast - 76  [10]

PlayStation (Sony) - 335  [7]

CPS-1 - 33

CPS-2 - 35

CPS-3 - 6

NeoGeo - 141  [12]

FBNeo (Arcade) - 1,838  [60]

MAME (Arcade) - 335  [11]

Vertical Arcade - 155

Pico-8 - 131  [131]

Pokemonmini - 22

Atari 2600 - 617  [40]

Atari 5200 - 96  [20]

Atari 7800 - 58  [30]

Atari 800 - 350

Atari Lynx - 83  [30]

Virtual Boy - 25

Game & Watch - 52

Game Boy Advance - 1,109  [53]

    In submenu:  GBA Hacks - 56

    In submenu:  Super Game Boy - 25

NES - 783 [75]

    In submenu:  NES Hacks - 60  [8]

    In submenu:  Famicom Disk System (FDS) - 128

    In submenu:  Famicom - 385

Super Nintendo - 779  [69]

    In submenu:  SNES Hacks - 65  [9]

    In submenu:  Satellaview - 34

    In submenu:  Sufami Turbo - 15

    In submenu:  Super Famicom (SFC) - 509

Sega Genesis - 824  [104]

    In submenu:  Genesis Hacks (Misc.) - 44  [1]

    In submenu:  Genesis Hacks (Sonic) - 137

    In submenu:  Genesis Hacks (Streets of Rage) - 34  [4]

    In submenu:  Megadrive-Japan - 191

Sega CD - 128  [3]

Master System  (Sega)- 334  [50]

Game Gear (Sega) - 267  [45]

Game Boy Color - 535  [53]

    In submenu:  GBC Pokemon Hacks - 39

Game Boy - 834  [50]

TurboGrafx-16 - 94  [33]

    In submenu:   PC Engine - 290  [10]

TurboGrafx-CD & PC Engine-CD - 1  [81]

NeoGeo Pocket Color - 40

    In submenu:  NeoGeo Pocket - 9

WonderSwan Color - 100

    In submenu:  WonderSwan - 117

MSX - 635

MSX2 - [100]

Nintendo DS (NDS) - 169  [15]

Saturn (Sega) - 28

Nintendo 64 (N64) - 302  [25]

Atomiswave - 17  [5]

Naomi - 34  [11]

DOS (MSDos) - 88

EasyRPG - 10

Ports - 12  [12]

Apps - 6  [6]


Total:  ~13,700+ Games!

256 GB "RG35XX PLUS / H” + 64 GB micro SD Card set - updated OS

$101.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price
  • BONUS Content:

         ALSO, I added a section in the Roms folder titled Xtras - Adult (Not playable/visible unless you move them (copy/paste) into the Roms folder on the card on a PC.)  These include:  MAME2003+ - 16 ea,  Atari2600 - 13 ea,  NES - 6 ea,  Genesis/MegaDrive - 2 ea.  Example of these type of games would be mame roms:, galpanic, bigtwin, plgirls, etc..  The Imgs folders are included so all these have their menu art all setup if you copy/paste them to their respective roms/system folders.  It's clean of this stuff otherwise  ;) 



    The software and game roms/iso’s are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you.  Software is open-source.  You are paying for the parts & time to assemble and program/code the software.  All cards/systems are thoroughly tested before shipping.  The actual handheld gaming device is not included.  Enjoy!

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