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For Sale: New "Adam v.2.0" 128 GB micro SD Card (and 32 GB card for TF1 slot) for the Anbernic RG350M. This listing is for both the plug n play (loaded) micro SD cards only.... the “RG-350M handheld console is NOT included. (NOTE: Will also work with regular RG-350 or RG350P by easily running script on 32GB card on your PC and changing device to RG350/P.)


I built this to be the best 128&32 GB sd card setup out there for the Anbernic RG350M handheld console. The 32 GB card goes inside the TF1 slot and the ROMS, games/ports and artwork are on the 128 GB card for the TF2 slot. These two cards work together as a complete system. I spent many days setting this up. I added many missing files to get things working such as all the bios files and I added artwork for all games including the native .opk games. I use only new, high quality, genuine Sandisk cards (or Samsung cards depending on my stock).  I assigned emulator selections for the CPS 1&2 system and created a nice favorites list to get you started which can easily be modified on device.


Game Counts By System:



PlayStation (Sony) - 227 games

Nintendo (NES) - 785

Super Nintendo (SNES) - 790

Super Game Boy - 25

Famicom Disk System (FDS) - 39

Nintendo Virtual Boy