For Sale: One (1) loaded 64 GB micro SD card for the Powkiddy V90 Handheld device... the very best SD Card for it using the latest MiyooCFW version 1.3.3, with many improvements made such as fixing several logos in the comicbook theme (such as calling the Atari2600 emulator Atari2600 in lieu of Stella, Megadrive as Genesis, etc.)  I added lots of missing files to the firmware to get things working (port files, bios, etc.).  Setup PS1 optimization configs.  I configured key mapping for Colecovision so Start button represents the number 1 (required to start colecovision games).....etc. This card is plug-n-play on the Powkiddy V90 handheld... no setup required by you.  Plug it in, turn on and enjoy!


Note:  Also works with Powkiddy Q90.


Many great themes pre-installed including my favorites:  NewComicBook(fixed), GameShow & NeonWave (see pics).


Over 12,740+ quality games ready to play.  I included menu boxart (mixart) for the Top Hits subfolders and CD based games (SegaCD, TG16CD & PlayStation).  I spent a lot of time setting up the rom folders, including setting up many subfolders for easier access to Top Hits (for popular systems), Game Hack