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NOTE:  This "Android build" card will require some setup of your stock Retroarch app using the instructions that I include (in other words, not plug n play).  Setup should take about 15 minutes most of which is waiting for certain Retroarch config files to transfer from my card to an internal storage location on the device.  I will answer questions if they arise to help you get it going... this build is worth it!  


For Sale: My amazing 512 GB "Android build -fat32" micro sd card (loaded) here for the Anbernic RG552 - TF2 slot (with TF1 card slot empty).   Note:  See my other listing for a similar card for the Anbernic RG552 using the Linux side of the device using 351Elec beta build.  Benefits of this "Android build" are there is really no need to access the linux side of the device and you have quick access to the great standalone emulators for Dreamcast, PSP, N64, NDS, Saturn, Gamecube  & DuckStation (Redream, PPSSPP, M64plusFZ, YabaSanshiro PRO, Dolphin-MMJ & DuckStation, respectively).  Downfalls of the other 351Elec Linux build is that the TF2 card for it is in exfat which cannot be used by the Android side of the device. 


Approximately 12,800 games!   Play almost everything from Atari 2600 up through Gamecube, Sega Dreamcast, Sony PSP & Nintendo DS (NDS).  See detailed game counts by system below.


What's included: *512 GB micro sd card only (Sandisk or Samsung brand) - loaded with approx. 3 GB free space. Also (not pictured) I will include detailed typed instructions for the initial setup for RetroArch.  I spent many, many weeks building this ultimate "Android build" setup. This card has the games and files you need to setup your RetroArch on your RG552 device. The other standalone emulators can be simply pointed to the appropriate rom folder on my card too, and will run the games from this card.


Did your RG552 include the Google Playstore App?  Mine did not yet some seem to.  I can help you with a simple fix to get it added to yours if yours did not.  Customers can ask me for this advice if needed.  It is good to have as certain Android games may require it, and also makes it easier to add Android Apps vs. side-loading APKs.


My RetroArch folders on the card (playlists, thumbnails, etc.) allow for an amazing dynamic background theme (background images change for every system as you scroll left/right). Boxart displays for all games in menu. My instructions will explain how to set the paths in your retroarch to the file paths on my card.


In RetroArch, games can be identified as "Favorites" simply by selecting "add to faves" in menu just before starting a game. Therefore, you can easily be found in the favorite folder. You can delete games in the "Favorites" system/folder so this list is fully customizeable by you. Awesome "Arcade Collections" are already setup. The arcade collections have hundreds of the best arcade games (from the thousand+ on system).


Custom GAME-specific bezels are setup for Arcade and most console and handheld systems. System-specific bezel options are also included and bezels can be easily switched or turned off. They look fantastic though due to the screen so they fill the black space as all games display in native format (no crazy stretching distorting games). That's right, literally thousands of game specific bezels (bezel project) configured specifically for the RG552 screen and installed and enabled (configs loaded per game)… awesome!! See pics for some examples.


Cheats are pre-installed for many popular systems, and can be accessed through the retroarch menu in-game. All necessary bios installed on card. All arcade "samples" for proper sound are installed. I have saved certain arcade game remap files so controls work such as Tron (right joystick is dial), Pole Position 1 & 2 (gas pedal mapped), Toobin (all controls remapped to work). For twin stick arcade games this sytem is great!!! Karate Champ, Total Carnage, Smash TV, Robotron... all setup to use both thumbsticks to control! In the RetroArch in-game menu the options and controls can easily be changed and game specific options/remaps saved. The card has a "config folder" and my instructions explain how you transfer these files to the internal retroarch file on your device as Retroarch requires these certain config files be on the internal storage for the overlays to display.


Tip:  A few FREE Android games I recommend you get from the Playstore on the device is:  Horizon Chase & Asphalt 8 !  They're great.


512gb RG552 (Android) micro SD card, Loaded! Over 12,800 games, for RG552

$140.00 Regular Price
$119.00Sale Price
  • The 512 GB card has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below - 12,800+ total:

    Nintendo Gamecube (Use stock Dolphin MMJ emulator) - 5 games (Animal Crossing, Mario Kart Double Dash, Viewtiful Joe: 1, 2 & Red Hot Rumble.  Gamecube is mostly unplayable but these seem to be the best games for this device.

    Nintendo DS - 307 games (Use Drastic emulator - I suggest "New Super Mario")

    Sega Dreamcast - 167 games (Use ReDream emulator)

    Sony PSP - 281 (Use PPSSPP emulator)

    Sony PSP Minis - 294  (Not in RetroArch setup - use PPSSPP emulator)

    Below are in RetroArch emulator front-end:

    Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX) - 225 games

    Nintendo 64 (N64)  - 302 (loaded in my RetroArch but you can also use the M64fx emulator)

    Nintendo 64 Hacks - 20

    Arcade – 1,473 (Mame & FBA/FBN)

    Neo Geo - 140

    Super Nintendo (SNES) – 795

    SNES Hacks - 150

    SNES CD (MSU1) - 25

    Super Famicom - 517

    Satellaview - 40

    Sufami Turbo - 15

    Nintendo (NES) – 784

    NES Hacks - 195

    Famicom Disk System - 209

    Famicom - 386

    Pokemini - 26

    Sega Saturn - 57 games

    Sega CD - 82

    Sega Genesis 32x - 34

    Sega Genesis - 784

    Genesis Hacks - 226

    Sega MegaDrive (Japan) - 190

    Sega Master System - 358

    SuperGrafx - 5

    TurboGrafx16-CD - 42

    TurboGrafx16 - 94

    PC Engine-CD - 64

    PC Engine - 290

    NEC - PCFX - 4 (incl Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar!)

    3DO - 10 games (includes Gex)

    Atari Jaguar - 56

    Atari 7800 - 65

    Atari 2600 - 630

    Atari Lynx - 85

    Intellivision - 136

    Nintendo Game & Watch - 52

    Gameboy - 682

    Virtual Boy - 28

    Gameboy Color – 605

    Gameboy Color Hacks - 39

    Gameboy Advance – 1039

    Gameboy Advance Hacks - 53

    Sega Game Gear - 313

    NeoGeo Pocket - 9

    NeoGeo Pocket Color – 40

    Wonderswan - 112

    Wonderswan Color - 95

    MSX2 - 45

    Vectrex – 23

    X68000 Sharp – 99

    ScummVM – 18

    Ports - 5 (Cannonball/Outrun, CaveStory, Dinothawr, Flashback & Rick Dangerous)

    Doom - 4

    Custom Collections (described below):

          NES Classic Edition - 30 Games

          SNES Classic Edition - 21 Games

          Sega Genesis Mini - 42  Games

          Sega Genesis Mini - (Japan/Asia Exclusives)

          TurboGrafx-16 Mini

          Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro

    Other ARCADE Collections include:  Atari Classics;  Banpresto;  Capcom Play System I, II & III;  Capcom;  Cave;  Data East;  IREM;  Konami;  Namco;  Nintendo;  PGM;  Psikyo;  SNK;  Taito;  Toaplan;  Williams;  BeatUmUps;  Fatal Fury;  King of Fighters;  Metal Slug;  Shoot-em-ups;  Sports;  Street Fighter & Super Heroes.


    Total = approximately 12,800+ games! 



    The software files and game roms/iso’s are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you.  Software is open-source.  You are paying for the parts & time to assemble and program/code the software.  All cards/systems are thoroughly tested before shipping.  Enjoy!

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