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For Sale: One (1) loaded 400GB micro SD card for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ retro game system. Plug in to your Pi 3+ and start gaming! Over 30,800 games and over 54 systems already installed including their game artwork. Games have video snap previews, 3D boxart, and wheel (header) art. Has stock clock of 1.4 MHZ. I used the Motion Blue 6 setup for pi 3+ as the basis of my build. Uses Emulation Station. The SD card is a Sandisk (class 10) 400 GB micro SD card, 100% authentic.


Now has the brand new Sega Genesis Mini game lineup as one of the “custom collections”, as well as a separate collection for the exclusive games on the Asia/Japanese version aka MegaDrive Mini.

Also, now has the "Dynamic Duo" Arcade Custom Collection built in (with the amazing snap video art for these 400+ Arcade/NeoGeo games), as well as Amazing alternate front end: Attract Mode with HyperPie Cinematix Theme to make the most of the Dynamic Duo set. My Attract Mode runs similar but much better (faster) than the Dynamic Duo attract mode build. I include instruction sheet explaining in detail how to switch between the default Emulation Station and Attract Mode. Just map your controller in Attract Mode per youtube video link I provide. My ps3 and innext snes controllers that I include with my complete kits are already set up. The Attract Mode is a fun alternative to Emulation Station, but I love them both.


Also included is a very detailed Instruction Manual (electronic pdf version only, emailed to you upon request) that I put together, with many helpful tips for the various emulators and system, allowing you to spend more time gaming! This manual will assure you will have an easy setup. The manual is from my complete systems that I also sell here, ...check them out. I will also respond to questions you may have even after the purchase too.


Game artwork is throughout the library. Most games have video previews that play too as you scroll down through the game list on each system. Awesome menu background themes loaded which can be easily switched up. I have custom boot up videos (randomized) that play while booting up system. Beautiful custom launch screens. Games allow saving game play at ANY spot within the game. Games can be identified as "favorites" so they can easily be found in the favorite folder or sorting by system. Awesome custom collections are already setup. The Arcade Favorites collection has hundreds of the best arcade games (from the thousands on system), and I setup each of these games with its own game-specific custom bezel (bezels fill in black bars on side with content). Typically consoles have their own console specific bezels set up. Other ARCADE Collections include: Atari Classics; Banpresto; Capcom Play System I, II & III; Cave; Data East; Konami; Midway; Namco; Nintendo; Psikyo; Sega; ShMUps; SNK; Taito; Toaplan; Visco; Williams.


I have also placed the systems in their own custom order from side-to-side. Starting with the RetroPie Setup screen, to the left are the custom collections and Kodi. To the right are the main console systems grouped such as Nintendo together, Sega together; then followed by hand-helds, and then computer systems. The grouping is much better than the RetroPie default alphabetical listing. Note: In my long listing below I list the systems in the same order as they appear on screen from left to right.


I went through each console and made sure it had the top/best games loaded. I value quality over quantity with this build, yet there is still tons of games.

400 GB Retropie SD Card - Pi 3 B+ only, 30,800+ Games! 3D Boxart, Video Previews

$119.00 Regular Price
$109.00Sale Price
  • This 400 GB gaming-system has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below. Also, system has about 1 GB free space - plenty for game saves and smooth operation:


    System - approx. # Games Installed:


    ALL - 30,800+ games!! (Note: Items beginning with "***" are differences from my similar 256 GB Pi 3+ sd card/system I sell here on this site)


    Mario Collection; Sonic Collection; Custom Collections; All Games; Favorites; Last Played


    *** Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX) - 367 games!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is a link to the PlayStation List (copy/paste into your browser):


    Nintendo 64 (N64) - 303 games


    Super Nintendo (SNES) - 1098 total (779 SNES, 36 Hacks, 283 translations, 282 Satellaview)


    In SNES submenu: SNES Hacks - 36

    In SNES submenu: Translations to English - 283

    In SNES submenu: Satellaview - 283


    Super Famicom - 131


    Nintendo (NES) - 1710 total (851 NES & 600+ Hacks & 220+ Translations)


    In NES submenu: NES Hacks - 600+

    In NES submenu: Translations to English - 220+


    Famicom Disk System - 137


    Famicom - 375


    *** Sega Dreamcast - 27 games


    *** Sega CD - 99 games


    Sega Genesis 32x - 34


    Sega Genesis - 996 total (781 Genesis & 191 Genesis Hacks)


    Genesis Hacks - 191 (subfolder under Genesis) *note: some game menu-art unavailable.

    Genesis Translations - 24


    Sega MegaDrive (Japan) - 124


    Sega Master System - 333


    SG-1000 - 72


    SuperGrafx - 5


    *** TurboGrafx16-CD - 44


    TurboGrafx16 - 94


    *** PC Engine-CD - 38 (includes Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)


    PC Engine - 290


    Neo Geo - 142


    Arcade - 2869


    Daphyne - 13 games


    Atari 7800 - 59


    Atari 5200 - 72


    Atari 2600 - 634


    Intellivision - 137


    Colecovision - 141


    Atari Lynx - 76


    Nintendo Game & Watch - 59


    Gameboy - 834


    Virtual Boy - 24


    Gameboy Color - 535


    Gameboy Advance - (1064 = 1038 + 26 hacks)


    *** Nintendo DS - 252 !!!!!!


    Sega Game Gear - 335


    NeoGeo Pocket - 9


    NeoGeo Pocket Color - 40


    *** Sony PSP Minis - 250 !!!!!!


    Wonderswan - 110


    Wonderswan Color - 89


    Atari 800 - 5753 *note: game menu-art not included.


    Atari ST - 413 *note: some game menu-art not included.


    Amiga - 1591


    Apple II - 2367 *note: most game menu-art not included.


    Amstrad CPC - 211


    Commodore 64 - 3261


    MSX - 642


    MSX2 - 82


    Odyssey2 (aka Videopac) - 85


    PC - Over 300 *note: game menu-art not included.


    ScummVM - 12


    *** ZX Spectrum (Sinclair) - 1110


    Vectrex - 22


    X68000 Sharp - 364


    Z Machine (aka Infocom) - 36


    Ports - 6 games



    Total = Over 30,800 games!



    Here is a link ALL games on this 400 GB card sorted alphabetical by system (copy/paste into your browser):




    Here is a link to the PlayStation List (copy/paste into your browser):






    Although already included on the system, please note the RetroPie software and game roms are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you. Software is open-source. You are paying for the parts & time to assemble and program/code the software. All systems are thoroughly tested before shipping. Enjoy!

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