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Plug & Play, loaded (256 GB) USB FLASH DRIVE for the PlayStation Classic, adds 395 PlayStation games (incl. 20 original), plus 9,415+ other games from various systems in the Retroarch menu section - some of the very, very best! Console not included. Uses superior Autobleem v0.9.0 and works great! Flash drive is a compact Samsung USB 3.1 256 GB drive as seen on the left side of my main photo.


Includes 40 awesome OpenBOR games (fan-made, beat-em-up style games), including TMNT Rescue-palooza!!!


All games have their Artwork displaying in the menu system. No ugly black boxes in the RetroArch menu art, all 31 systems.


Just disconnect power to your PlayStation Classic, plug this in to a powered usb hub connected to the player 2 USB port (right side port) on your PlayStation Classic, connect power and turn on. (NOTE - will not work plugged directly into the player ports as they do not put out enough power).  Will also work from the back if you have done the OTG cable mod on your system. System will boot to contents on usb flash drive and the main autobleem menu will appear where you can either select: 1) autobleem - to access the playstation games and and all other games too build or 2) retroarch - to access all the other systems/games. This mod does not change anything on your unit, so with this flash drive unplugged, your system will boot up with your 20 games built in to the console (stock setup). Works amazing! Very fast to load. Very intuitive navigation.


This is a professional mod, and does not alter your system. I left about 1.4 GB free space on the flash drive so there is plenty of room for game saves and smooth operation.


PlayStation Games - 395 each games (see list below)


RETROARCH Game SYSTEMS with game counts listed:

(Complete USA libraries for most systems listed below)


Atari 2600 - 560 games

Atari 7800 - 65 games

Atari Lynx - 80 games

Bandai Wonderswan Color - 89 games

Bandai Wonderswan - 110 games

NeoGeo - 142 games

GCE Vectrex - 22 games

MAME - 357 games

NEC PC Engine, TurboGrafx-16 - 277 games

NEC PC Engine CD, TurboGrafx-16 CD - 107 games**

NEC SuperGrafx - 5 games

Game Boy Advance - 1039 games

Game Boy Color - 587 games

Game Boy - 648 games

Nintendo 64 - 303 games (requires controller w/ analog stick like PS4 controller)

Nintendo DS - 20 games

Nintendo (NES) - 1,334 games

Super Nintendo (SNES) - 1,005 games

Nintendo Virtual Boy - 25 ganes

Sega 32X - 35 games

Sega Dreamcast - 11 games

Sega Naomi - 3 Games

Sega Game Gear - 313 games

Sega Master System - 357 games

Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) - 927 games

Sega CD - 52 games**

Sega SG-1000 - 10 games

Neo Geo Pocket Color - 76 games

Neo Geo Pocket - 7 games

Sony PSP - 15 games**


*NEW "APP" Games (new to version 8.5):


*Amiga - Over 1,000 games sorted in alphabetical folders, with a "Best Of" Folder too at top. Note: Working well, just select the floppy disk in the emulator. This Amiga emulator is for advanced users as it can take some getting use to. (Boxart not shown for Amiga as emulator does not support)


*Doom - I installed the larger, full version.


*OpenBOR - 40 awesome games, including the relatively new teenage mutant ninja turtles' game, TMNT Rescue-palooza!!!


TOTAL (nonPS1 games) = 9,685+ games! + the 395 PS1 games!


For PlayStation Game List, see link:



1) This listing is for the 256 GB flash drive ONLY.

2) The USB Flash Drive is a Samsung brand as shown on main photo.

3) All added games are complete games.

4) PlayStation games are superior .PBP format (smaller file size than .bin/.cue format), but same quality. Also multi disk games have a .PBP for each disk so built in game disk swap works through emulator menu.

5) OpenBOR must use the stock playstation classic controller.


Disclaimer: With this purchase, you are paying for the usb flash drive only. Enjoy!

256 gb flash drive for PlayStation Classic, Autobleem v0.9.0 (PS Classic)

$100.00 Regular Price
$84.00Sale Price
  • For complete List, see google drive link to pdf file:


    PlayStation Game List on this 256 GB usb flash drive for the PlayStation Classic (*20 games on original system appear with other new ones added):


    007 - The World Is Not Enough

    007 - Tomorrow Never Dies

    Ace Combat 2

    Ace Combat 3 - Electrosphere

    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Iron & Blood - Warriors of Ravenloft

    Alien Resurrection

    Alien Trilogy

    Alone in the Dark - One-Eyed Jack's Revenge

    Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare


    Alundra 2 - A New Legend Begins

    Ape Escape

    Arc the Lad Collection - Arc the Lad

    Arc the Lad Collection - Arc the Lad II

    Arc the Lad Collection - Arc the Lad III

    Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 1

    Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 1

    Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2

    Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 2

    Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2

    Armored Core

    Armored Core - Master of Arena

    Army Men - Air Attack

    Army Men - Sarge's Heroes

    Army Men - World War - Final Front


    Atari Anniversary Edition Redux

    A-Train - Trains- Power- Money

    Austin Powers Pinball

    Batman - Gotham City Racer

    Batman & Robin

    Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker

    * Battle Arena Toshinden

    Battle Arena Toshinden 2

    Battle Arena Toshinden 3


    Beyond the Beyond

    Bio F.R.E.A.K.S


    Bloody Roar

    Bloody Roar II

    Bomberman World

    Brave Fencer Musashi

    Breath of Fire III

    Breath of Fire IV

    Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands

    Bugs Bunny & Taz - Time Busters

    Bushido Blade

    Bushido Blade 2

    Bust A Groove 2

    Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition

    C - The Contra Adventure

    C-12 - Final Resistance

    Cabela's Big Game Hunter - Ultimate Challenge

    Capcom vs. SNK Pro

    Castlevania - Symphony of the Night

    Castlevania Chronicles



    For complete list, see:


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