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For Sale:  256 GB CoinOps thumb drive for PC running Windows.  


I took the CoinOps Retro Arcade 2 build and rebuilt it, customized with improvements and additions galore!  I spent well over a hundred hours building this - what I consider the Ultimate 256 GB flash drive for PC, with emphasis on Arcade and "best of" for many other consoles and handhelds listed below.  Most arcade cabinets in menu show actual cab control deck layout/design! Video previews, game menu art and game bezels are included for all games.  I simply use new XBox controllers paired via bluetooth to my PC as default setup, but you can setup other types of controllers or arcade controls.


As far as the emulators that are used running in background (Note RetroFE is front end) I installed the latest RetroArch and use it for most of the handhelds & console systems.  Most arcade runs directly in Mame.  Other emulators used include Citra (for 3DS), Dolphin Triforce (Mario Kart Arcade GP & GP2), Pinball FX2, Rpcs3 (for PS3), Sega Model 2, Supermodel (Sega Model 3), PCSX2 (PS2), & Teknoparrot (some advanced arcade titles).


What is included:  256 GB Sandisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive (or possibly a Samsung Fit Plus depending on my stock)  loaded and ready to plug in and play on your PC.  I also include an instruction/tip "ReadMe's" when you open the drive contents.


I use this on my modern MSI Gaming laptop running Windows 10 and all games run/load (my laptop is an MSI GS66 with a core i7 with a NVIDIA RTX 3060 graphics card but that is overkill for this drive).  Note:  If you use an older PC or one with out a good, dedicated graphics card, then some of the emulators/systems may not run well for you... these may include PS3, PS2, Gamecube, Teknoparrot, and some of the newer graphically challenging Arcade games.  There's tons of treasures on here though that will run on almost any windows PC though.


Games are organized by system in menu typically, but there are also many "collections" as follows:  

All Games, Arcade All, Arcade Favorites, Laser Disc, Sega Model, Atomiswave, Naomi, Nintendo 8-bit Arcade, Fantasy (console) Cabs, 4 player arcade versions, Beat em Ups, Fight-Club, Gunner, Arcade Hacks, Old School, Puzzler, Racer, Run n Gun, Shoot em Ups, Sports, Trackball, Twin Stick, Vector.  

Also, arcade titles have manufacturer collections:  Atari, Capcom, Cave, Data East, IGS, IREM, Konomi, Midway, Namco, Neo-Geo, Nintendo, Sega, SNK, Taito & Williams.


You can change up the theme on the system.  Default is set to "Marquee Theme", which I feel really is the best.  Others include:  Poster, Cabinet, Wall, Cascading, NEXT Cabinet variations, & NEXT Marquee variations.  All menu art is included for all games including:  cabinets, cabs, cover (poster), logo, marquee & video.


Gamelist by System Link to pdf (Copy and paste the below to your browser to view/access):


256 GB CoinOps Retro Arcade 2 (custom) flash drive for PC

$99.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price
  • This build is all about quality, not quantity so keep that in mind...

    This flash drive has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below:

    System - approx. # Games Installed:

    ALL - ~2,750 games

    Arcade (Mame) – ~1,200

    Atomiswave - 24

    Naomi - 54

    Daphne/Laser-Disk - 3  (Dragon's Lair 1 & 2  and Space Ace)

    Sega Model 2 - 4

    Sega Model 3 - 9

    Teknoparrot - 10

    3DO - 7

    Amiga CD32 - 25

    Amstrad CPC - 73

    Amstrad GX4000 - 22

    Apple II - 24

    Atari 2600 - 30

    Atari 7800 - 15

    Atari Jaguar - 10

    BBC Micro - 22

    Colecovision - 35

    Commodore-64 - 45

    Doom & Doom II

    DOS (MS-DOS Joystick) - 42

    Dreamcast - 20

    Game & Watch - 17

    Game Boy - 30

    Game Boy Color - 30

    Game Boy Advance - 63

    Gamecube - 20

    Genesis (Sega) - 132

    Genesis Streets of Rage 2/3 Hacks - 12

    Genesis 32X - 7

    Genesis (Sega CD) - 4

    Intellivision - 134

    NES (Nintendo) - 71

    NES Hacks - 10

    Nintendo 3DS - 3

    Nintendo DS - 15

    Nintendo 64 - 28

    NEC - PC Engine/TG16 - 43

    NEC - PC Engine-CD - 3

    NEC - Supergrafx - 5

    NEC - PCFX - 1

    PC Games - 1 (Nex Machina, displays in ArcadeAll section)

    Pinball FX2 (Zen) - All 78 tables

    Playstation 1 - 22

    Playstation 2 - 16

    Playstation 3 - 60

    Sony PSP - 12

    ScummVM - 9

    Sega Saturn - 8

    Sega Master System - 20

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 11

    Super Nintendo (SNES) - 132

    SNES Hacks - 11

    Super Game Boy - 25

    Vectrex - 30

    X68000 (Sharp) - 17



    The CoinOps software and game roms/iso’s are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you.  Software is open-source.  You are paying for the parts & time to assemble and program/code the software.  All flash drives are thoroughly tested before shipping.  Enjoy!


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