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For Sale: new GPi Case with Pi Zero W installed, including a loaded 128 GB micro SD card. All set up and ready for gaming! Over 16,500 games and over 40 systems already installed including their game boxart. Uses Emulation Station and Retropie. The SD card is a Sandisk (class 10) 128 GB micro SD card, 100% authentic (or Samsung card depending on my stock). NOTE: GPi Case and Pi Zero is included in this listing. See my other listing for just the card if you already have the handheld.


I have spent many weeks building what I consider to be thee best card out there for the GPi Case Gameboy handheld systems. I have built over 55 custom themes that each has a different wallpaper as the background image (see my pics of some of them). Also preloaded are other themes such as the popular HeyChromey designed for the GPi case, as well as many others designed for the Game Hat handheld pi systems which work well on these too. The themes are set to load randomly on boot up, but this can be easily turned off in the Retropie menu on the system. Or you can easily just manually change the theme if when loaded you want a different look.


I loaded a great selection of background music that can also be toggled off, or music files swapped out. I have custom boot up videos pre-installed that can play while booting up system but by default I turned this feature off as it does cause a longer boot up process. Beautiful custom launch screens, displaying the system/console when game boots (photo-realistic images not that 8-bit blocky stuff). Most games/systems allow saving game play at ANY spot within the game (as most are Retroarch based). Games can be identified as "favorites" so they can easily be found in the favorite folder or sorting by system. Awesome custom collections are already setup (see listing near bottom below game count section).


I have also placed the systems in their own custom order from side-to-side. Starting with the RetroPie-Options screen, to the left is the Power screen and custom collections. To the right are the main console systems grouped such as Nintendo together, Sega together; then followed by hand-helds, and then computer systems. The grouping is much better than the RetroPie default alphabetical listing. Note: In my long listing below I list the systems in the same order as they appear on screen from left to right.


I have spent a lot of time to get the best assortment of Mame/Arcade/Final-Burn-Alpha roms loaded, all with artwork on the game selection screens. This is a Pi Zero after all, so newer Mame do not work well. I have installed Mame 0.37b5 roms in the "Mame" system utilizing Mame 2000 as the default emulator. This works best on the pi Zero. For FBA (Final Burn Alpha roms), I have installed them in the "FBA" system utilizing the Pifba emulator as the default (best on a pi zero for FBA). Also, I have included in the "Arcade" system, an assortment of Arcade roms that each have been assigned its own default emulator, mostly Mame 2003, but some FB Neo also. I have selectively gone through Arcade roms that I know are just too much to ever play on a pi zero and removed them. I feel I have left a nice selection spread out to the three systems to optimize their playability on the GPi Case, pi zero. Some may still experience slow-down. Also in their own systems on the main menu are Neo Geo and Daphne.

128 GB "GPi Case" Gameboy complete system! Over 55 custom themes! - see pics.

  • The included 128 GB loaded, plug-n-play micro SD card has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below. Also, system has about 800 MB of free space - plenty for game saves and smooth operation:


    System - approx. # Games Installed:


    ALL - 16,500+ games:



    Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX) - 161 games


    Super Nintendo (SNES) - 1018 total, includes:

    In SNES submenu: SNES Hacks

    In SNES submenu: Translations to English


    Super Famicom - 509


    Nintendo (NES) - 1710 total (851 NES & 600+ Hacks & 220+ Translations)

    In NES submenu: NES Hacks - 600+

    In NES submenu: Translations to English - 220+


    Famicom Disk System - 137


    Famicom - 375


    Sega Genesis - 996 total, includes:

    In Genesis Submenu: Genesis Hacks - 191

    In Genesis Submenu: Genesis Translations - 24


    Sega MegaDrive (Japan) - 191


    Sega Master System - 333


    SG-1000 (Sega) - 72


    SuperGrafx - 5


    TurboGrafx16-CD - 39


    TurboGrafx16 - 94


    PC Engine-CD - 47 (includes Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)


    PC Engine - 290


    Neo Geo - 141


    MAME - 1451 (uses Mame-2000 emulator by default)


    Arcade - 567 (uses misc emulators by default - Mame-2003, FB-Neo)


    Final Burn Alpha (FBA) - 265 (uses pifba emulator by default)


    Daphne - 2 games (Dragon's Lair & Space Ace)


    OpenBOR - 58 (These are AWESOME home-brew beat-em-ups!!!)


    Atari 7800 - 59


    Atari 2600 - 634


    Intellivision - 137


    Colecovision - 141


    Atari Lynx - 76


    Nintendo Game & Watch - 55


    Gameboy - 853

    In GB Submenu: GB Hacks - 19


    Virtual Boy - 24


    Gameboy Color - 574

    In GBC Submenu: GBC Hacks - 39 (a lot of Pokem.on Hacks here)


    Gameboy Advance - (1064 total: 1039 + 53 hacks in Subfolder)

    In GBA Submenu: GBA Hacks - 53


    Sega Game Gear - 339


    NeoGeo Pocket - 9


    NeoGeo Pocket Color - 40


    Wonderswan - 110


    Wonderswan Color - 89


    Amiga - 3374


    MSX - 735


    Vectrex - 126 (complete, many are music-only roms)


    X68000 Sharp - 364


    Ports - 13


    ScummVM - 30



    Total = Over 16,500 games!



    Also, here is a listing of some of the "Collections" on the main screen as well:


    Batman; Bomberman; BtmUps (Beat-em-ups); Castlevania; Contra; D.isney; Donkey Kong; Double Dragon; Fatal Fury; Final Fantasy; GameBoy Hacks; GameBoy-Advance Hacks, GameBoy-Color Hacks; Kirby; Super Mario; MegaMan; Metal Slug; Metroid; Mortal Kombat; NES Classic Ed.; Pac-Man; Pokemon; Robocop; ShmUps (shoot-em-ups); Simpsons, The; SNES Classic Ed.; Sonic the HedgeHog; Star Wars; Street Fighter; Streets of Rage; TMNT; WWF; X-Men; Zelda; All Games; Favorites; Last Played; Custom Collections.


    There are others in the "Custom Collection" system too such as:

    Sega Genesis Mini (US lineup)

    Sega Megadrive Mini (titles not on US mini)

    TurboGrafx-16 Mini (even though not even released yet)

    Neo Geo Favorites

    Sports, Racing, Final Fight games, Ghouls-n-Ghosts games, & Various Arcade Collections such as CPS1 & CPS2 for example.




    Although already included on the system, please note the RetroPie software and game roms are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you. Software is open-source. You are paying for the parts & time to assemble and program/code the software. All systems are thoroughly tested before shipping. Enjoy!

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